Why had King Charles been preparing for the thorne for decades?

King Charles had been preparing for the throne for decades.

Her government promises to be different from her mother's.

LONDON - In the thousand-year history of the British royal family.

No heir was more prepared for the crown than King Charles III.

He ascended the throne on Thursday after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Fulfilling the destiny entrusted to him at the age of 3 when he became king in 1952.

Charles' wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, now holds the title of Queen Consort.

While Elizabeth was crowned at 27, Charles was 73, older than any other monarch in British history.

Charles is now head of the Commonwealth, a post-colonial grouping of 54 countries with a population of 2.4 billion.

He is the head of state of 15 of these countries, including Canada and Australia.

However, the Queen's death could reignite an already heated debate in the Caribbean

and elsewhere about definitively abandoning their former colonial rulers.

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