Seema Taparia asks Seema Sajdeh why she is incompatible with Sohail Khan

Seema appeared on the show to find a perfect match for Seema Sajdeh,

who recently got divorced from her husband Sohail Khan. The couple married in 1998 and have two children together.

But Seema Taparia, who began by asking Seema in her own unique style the reason for the divorce,

Seema was 'horrified' when he told her he was interested in girls.

 Seema Taparia asked Seema Sajdeh how long she has been separated from Sohail and what was the reason behind her decision.

"Our views are not the same," he said. This prompted Seema Taparia to ask.

"But after 22 years you find out the perspective is not the same?" Not too comfortable with the question, Seema turned the tables on Taparia

Seema told Tapriya, “I was following your formula because we were both trying.

It's not like we didn't try together. And, when you have children, it's a different situation.

 Then, Maheep Kapoor asks Taparia if Seema might need someone who can understand her madness

And Seema interjected, "Maybe I like women." His comments left Tapriya speechless.

Seeing the reaction, Seema said, “I was joking”.

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