Jennifer Lopez Leaked Video of Her Serenading Ben Affleck of Wedding

A video of Jennifer Lopez serenading Ben Affleck has been published online.

After it was published online, the guest called out: "Whoever did this took advantage."

Jennifer Lopez has revealed her feelings after an intimate moment from her and Ben Affleck's wedding ceremony was leaked.

During the couple's lavish August 20 celebration in Georgia, Jenifa serenaded her husband with a special song.

After the footage was released, Jenifa herself addressed the moment on social media, calling out the participant who sold the video.

He said the video was taken without permission and whoever did it took advantage of our private moments.

He commented on an Instagram post by fan account @jlow0rld on August 27.

"I don't know where you all got this video from. I told everyone not to share our wedding video.

After tying the knot in front of their closest family and friends, the singer shared a few photos of her wedding look in her newsletter.

A place that he explains, is his way of sharing his most precious moments.

"All that I keep individual is for OnTheJLO and to impart it to my fans.

The video was taken without our assent and sold for cash.

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