Jennifer Lawrence Shares Baby Boy's Name

She opened up in a new interview for Vogue's October cover story.

Lawrence -- who has been largely private about his personal life.

Confirmed that the baby she welcomed in spring 2022 is actually a boy and is named Sai.

The short but sweet moniker comes from post-war American painter Cy Twombly.

who is a favorite of her art gallerist husband Cook Maroney.

Talking about motherhood is so scary. Just because it's different for everyone.

It was amazing from the start if I may say so.

Lawrence continued: “The morning after I was born, it felt like my whole life had begun.

I was very much in love. I also fell in love with all the children.

Newborns are so amazing. They are the pink, swollen, fragile little survivors. Now I love all children.

Now I hear a baby crying in a restaurant and I think, oh dear.

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