Is Laverne Cox  mistaken for Beyonce while attending the US Open?

It started with a tweet that captioned Cox, 50, as a fan in the stands, '#USOpen.

The Beyonce The Orange Is The New Black star responded on Instagram, writing: 'These tweets are funny as hell.'

Other Twitter users quickly recognized the mistake as many retweeted the initial post.

And points out that it's actually Laverne. Tickling by mistake, he added, 'Enjoy!!!

For the event, which marked the tennis legend's final match, Laverne wore a sheer black top with matching gloves.

The TV star rocked a hairstyle worn by Beyonce many times.

Her blonde, curly-textured locks are styled in a low ponytail.

She wore large silver-toned hoop earrings and the lower half of her face was covered with a black mask.

One tweeted, 'This is Laverne Cox who screamed at me,' while another said, 'Baby this is Laverne Cox.'

Laverne took to her Twitter account to respond to a series of tweets. One person asked 'Was Beyoncé at the US Open? 

This Bey/Laverne Cox situation is sending me,' to which the entertainer responded - the girl I was. Ha ha ha ha.

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