Harry Styles Stopped His NYC Show !

Harry Styles Stops His NYC Show To Address Throne Chicken Nuggets On Stage: 'Who Thrown Up?'

Harry Styles had a hilarious reaction when chicken nuggets were thrown at him during a live concert.

A fan threw a chicken nugget at him on stage while he was performing at a recent New York concert, TMZ reports.

While tracking the offender, Harry asks the group: "Who tossed the chicken strip?

We see fans start chanting demanding the singer to eat nuggets.

But he refused and explained: "I don't eat chicken, sorry. I don't eat meat.

He then threw the first nugget to audience members and said: "Go there, you can get your nugget back.

Harry didn't quit remarking on the chunk happily. He said, "First of all, it's cold and I assume very old."

Afterwards, one of the alleged throwers shouted: "No," before the crowd started chanting "Eat it, eat it, eat" again, causing Harry to laugh.

Harry then dropped the second piece of fast food and said: "Okay, here you go. Don't eat it."

As reported by TMZ, Harry Styles is the latest performer to have to deal with the stage crasher.

Recently, rapper and singer Kid Cudi completely shut down his latest performance for something similar.

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