Sanna Marin

Finnish PM Sanna Marin says videos of her "Boisterous' are not made for public

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has recognized celebrating "in a boisterous way" after the arrival of private recordings.

However said she is irate that the recording, which provoked analysis from political rivals, was leaked to the media.

Recordings showed Marin, Finland's 36-year-old pioneer, dancing with companions in a confidential setting.

"These recordings are cloistered and shot in a private space. I hate that these became known to people in general," Marin told columnists in Kuopio, Finland.

"I went through a night with my friends. We recently celebrated, likewise in a boisterous way. I moved and sang," she said.

The recording shows Marin and five others presenting towards a camera and moving. Another clasp seems to show Marin on the floor, singing toward the camera.

It had provoked a portion of Marin's rivals to scrutinize her way of behaving as improper of a state leader.

Mikko Karna, a resistance MP, tweeted that Marin ought to go through a medication test.

Marin let journalists know that liquor was consumed yet she didn't know about any medication use during the party.

Allies in the interim have shielded her, and accused pundits of applying a twofold norm.

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