Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attend Premiere Into Romantic Date Night

Sensational new insights concerning the mid-air complete implosion that finished Brad Pitt's union with Angelina Jolie

yet didn't prompt lawbreaker accusations - are becoming visible in recently surfaced FBI analytical records acquired Tuesday by Rolling Stone

The records remember a meeting rundown for which Jolie purportedly told FBI authorities that Pitt hollered at her, 

Jolie said Pitt's activities scared two or three's six youngsters, who went in age from 8 to 15 at that point.

At the point when one of the children supposedly considered Pitt a "prick," he darted at the minor "like he planned to assault," the desk work states

By then, Jolie "bounced up" and got Pitt round his neck with her arms, "as in a strangle hold," as per the report summing up Jolie's rendition of occasions.

Pitt purportedly hurled himself back, driving Jolie into the seats behind them, making injury her back and elbow, she told agents.

As per the profoundly redacted desk work, Pitt supposedly polished off different cocktails during the flight and at a certain point "poured lager on (Jolie) and the sweeping she was under.

Jolie said Pitt's supposed way of behaving "didn't feel genuine" and left her inclination "frightened" and "like a prisoner.

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