‘The Wonderful Life Of Bollywood Wives’: Neelam Kothari Called ‘Weird’ For Refusing To say vagina

Mumbai, India: While Maheep Kapoor can’t stop talking about ‘Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives’ season 2, at the other end of the spectrum is his co-star Neelam Kothari who can’t even bring herself to utter the word vagina on digital camera! The latest season of the Netflix show began with an advertising opportunity for hip women.

Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives': Neelam Kothari

The star wives were initially very excited about the ad, but once they found out it was an ad for a menopause pill, the excitement quickly died down.

Seema Khan refused to do the ad directly claiming that she was too young to endorse a menopause pill, on the other hand, Neelam and Bhavna Pandey agreed to do the ad, until they realized they had to say the word vagina. Neelam was so scandalized that she refused to do so saying she would never utter the word yoni on camera. When Mahip and Seema asked him why the 80s stars claimed it was a matter of ‘Izzat’ or dignity. He also accused Mahip of doing things for money, including stooping to the point of uttering the word vulva on camera!

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